Djokovic extends his lead in the JFB Ranking after his 6th Wimbledon title

By Jürgen Fritz, Mon 12 Jul 2021, Cover picture: © JFB

After his sixth Wimbledon victory, Novak Djokovic has not only equalled Federer and Nadal in terms of Grand Slam titles, he also won all three A tournaments this year and has the chance to complete the Grand Slam with a victory at the US Open. With a win at the Olympics, he could even become the first player in history to win the Golden Slam. In the JFB 52 Week Tennis World Ranking, he extends his lead over Medvedev in second position.

The JFB 52 Week Tennis World Rankings as of 12 July 2021

Novak Djokovic extends his lead as No. 1 over Daniil Medvedev with his Wimbledon win. Metteo Berrittini overtakes Nadal and Thiem to improve from 8 to 6. Wimbledon semi-finalists Shapovalov and Hurkacz improve from 15 to 9 and 21 to 10 respectively, so are now both in the top ten.

Quarter-finalists Auger-Aliassime, Khachanov and Fucsovics move up from 17 to 13, from 31 to 23 and 33 to 24 respectively, and eighth-finalist Sebastian Korda improves from 35 to 28, meaning there is once again a US player in the top 30. For Roger Federer, it is still not enough for the top 30 after his entry into the Wimbledon quarter-finals, but he is now at least very close to the top 40.

And here’s how the JFB 52 Week Tennis World Rankings look after Wimbledon (A):



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Grand Slam winner for the last 18 years

17 of the last 18 Grand Slam tournaments (A) were again won by the over-30s Djokovic (8), Nadal (6) and Federer (3). Only the US Open 2020, where Federer and Nadal did not compete and Djokovic was disqualified in the round of 16, was won by Thiem.

Overall, 60 of the 72 majors (83.3 per cent) have gone to the BigThree in the last 18 years, who have also been named World Sportsman of the Year 11 times in the last 17 years: Federer (5), Djokovic (4), Nadal (2), twice as often as athletes in all other disciplines combined.

Grand Slam winner since Wimbledon 2003

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Djokovic on his way to Grand Slam, Golden Slam and GOAT

After Djokovic’s 6th win at Wimbledon, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are now virtually tied for the Big Titles. In addition, Nole is likely to finish the year as No. 1 for the 7th time. Here he is already ahead of Federer (5) and Nadal (4.5). And he will certainly be in the top three for the 13th.6th time by the end of the year – Federer 15, Nadal 12.6 (if we count the 2020 pandemic season at 60%).

If Federer and Nadal do not win any more Grand Slam tournaments, but Djokovic wins one more, and possibly also the Grand Slam Completion (all four Grand Slam tournaments in a calendar year, 1 point instead of 0.7 for the Non-calendar year Grand Slam 2015/16) and possibly even the Olympic gold medal in the men’s singles (0.6 points), thus being the first to win the Golden Slam, he is clearly the historic No. 1, the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT).

Big Title Kings 2021-07-11-gelb-rot


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